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Woo hoo!  The moment that you have been waiting for has arrived ^_^.  I've finally gotten off my bum and finished this part of the site.  You wouldn't believe how many questions that I've had about it.  So, without further ado....
Rating System
I will rate ponies as accurately as I can, listing all major flaws.  Ponies will be rated in the following manner: 
Poor (P): These ponies might have extreme pony cancer, extreme smooze, torn vinyl or other things of that nature. These are basically flaws that cannot be repaired.
Fair (F): These ponies might have noticieable ink spots on their bodies,  rather noticeable symbol problems, or obvious hair cuts.
Good  (G): These ponies might have ink under their hooves, slight ink marks on their bodies, less noticeable symbol problems, or minor hair trims.
Very Good (G): These ponies may have minor marks, minor symbol problems or other very minor problems.
Near Mint (NM): This pony looks like it just came out of its package, with almost no flaws.  If flaws exist, they will be factory flaws.
Mint (M): I will only rate a pony as mint if it is still in its original package, or on its original card.
Ponies for Sale or Trade
If you e-mail me and express interest in buying or trading for a pony, I will describle it as accurately as possible to you.  I can also provide pictures for you upon request (during the time of year that I have access to a scanner, the pictures will be of better quality).  Before e-mailing me, please read my Sales and Trade Rules Page.  Thank you so much ^_^.
When you e-mail me, if you wish to buy, please propose a price that you think is fair.  We can work out a deal fair to both of us!
I am always more than happy to trade.  If you would rather trade than buy a pony, please let me know!  I'm sure that we can work something out ^_^.  Not much as of right now...look for more in a couple of months.
~ CF Cotton Candy: G. No real problems, but looks kind of...dirty around the hooves.  Not too bad, though.
~ Firefly: G. Forelock has been slightly trimmed, along w/ first five hair plugs being slightly trimmed.
~ Rainbow Skydancer: G. Has half of forelock cut (is gorgeous otherwise).
~ Rainbow Starshine: F/G. Half of forelock is cut, symbol rubs, some age spots.
~ Chumster the Bushwoolie: F/G. Has noticeable paint rubs on crown.
~ Yellow MLP Mold Fakie: As nice as fakies go!  You know the one I'm talking about...the yellow fakie with yellow hair and three red hearts on each side...she looks scarily like a MLP on...well, illegal substances.  Just look at her eyes!
Other 1970-80 Toys for Sale or Trade
~ Fashion Star Fillies Sassy Sixteen Janel: F/G.  Hair is trimmed, she's got various paint dings and her ears are a bit chipped on top, though it's not extremely noticable.  Still cute!
~ Rainbow Brite Plush Sprite O.J.: VG.  This little guy is pretty cute.  He's about 4" tall when sitting and he's got a pincher-hand...maybe to hold the hand of Sprites similar to him.  If he had blush, it must be faded.  He also has a couple of faint pin-prick black spots under his mouth.  Other than that, no problems that I can see.
~ Purr-tenders large plush cat disguised as a bunny: G.  Sorry, don't know his name.  A couple of threads are coming loose on the bunny ears, and the whiskers have come loose on the left side of his bunny mask.  His eyes are a bit scratched, his eyelashes are messy and he is a bit dingy.  However, I have not tried to clean him, and I'm sure he would come clean.  He's nice and soft and has a velcro opening in his back.
~ 1979 Fisher Price Roly Poly Raccoon: F/G.  This cute, pull-toy, plastic raccoon is holding a blue and yellow ball, has red wheels and a yellow bow on his back.  The paint on his face and tail is chipped and he's got some dings.  Looks like he was well-loved by a child, once upon a time.  Still very cute, though.
~ 1982 Sitting Ideal Dog: F/G.  This brown, rubber dog is sitting on its haunches, and has a handle in his red collar.  When you move the handle back and forth, the dog shakes its head and its soft ears fly back and forth.  His arms are open in a hug.  He's got some dings and scrapes.  The paint on his eyes and nose is a bit worn and there are two permanent marker spots on his head from a price tag, but they aren't horrible.  He's about 10" tall.
~ Pink Fairy Tails Bird with blue flower and ribbon Design: P.  She's got blue, magenta, and light pink hair.  This poor girl is CB if I ever saw it.  Her hair is one big frizz, her beak has been bitten and the vinyl at the back of her head is ripped.  She's free to whoever wants to pay shipping.
E-mail me at:!