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Favorite MLP Sites
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Posting forums!  Wonderful places to find out nearly anything you need to know about My Little Pony, or just to have a good time expressing yourself.  Here are some of my favorites:
My Little Pony Trading Post
My Little Pony Gone Crazy
My Little Pony Community Board
Other excellent My Little Pony websites:
Dream Valley; excellent for pony identification and much, much more!
The Ponyland Police website; look here for stories regarding notorious scammers and also people to keep an eye on.  This site contains all information from Locket's Bad Traders list.
Ivy's My Little Pony Tours; home of the Pony Name Registry.
Ice Feather's Variant Pony Heaven; speaks for itself!
Serene Valkyrie's Pony Playpen; excellent site with instructions on how to make a 'blinkie' signature.
The Delaney's Rainbow Connection; possibly the owners of the largest collection in existance, they always have ponies and even some MOC ponies for sale.
The Golden Autumn; home of some very impressive customs, and tips for customizing.
Once Upon A Rainbow; a great site by Roswita/Globe Trotter.  Here, you can find Ponyland's photo album, an album filled with pictures of members of the pony community.  Don't forget to check out Roz's section on the history of Italian ponies!
Tabby's Page of Miscellaneous Oddities; home of MLP Monthly.
Pone's Pony Place; a neat little site by a very friendly person.
The Most Beautiful Ponies; an idea of Tickle's - home of the 50 Most Beautiful Ponies and the Pony Awards , a very creative and awesome site!
My Little Pony Collectors; an outstanding site by Lavonia.  An excellent place to find information, and see a wide variety of MOC items.