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Piņa's References
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Thank you for checking out my references ^_^!  These are the pony people that I have bought from, sold to, or traded with (some, multiple times)!  The most recent are at the top of the list.  If you need to ask them a question, please request their e-mail address from me, as I won't publish them on this site.  Feel free to post questions about my reliability at any pony forum as well!  If you'd like to check my eBay feedback, my eBay user name is *pinacolada*.  Thanks again!
Sunshower: traded with, and participated in her swap box
Sebby6: bought from
Baby Nightmare: traded with
Vamppire a.k.a. Serene Valkyrie: sold to
BabyStarbowMLP: Uh...none of the above...I just sent some CB ponies to her, just because ^_^.
Aquiliea: traded with multiple times
Satin Slipper: traded rare ponies with
Sycha: bought from
MeganH: sold to
Rachnzl: bought from
LSDiamond: bought from multiple times
Wingsong: bought from
Minkie2040: bought from multiple times
Crumpet: bought from
MLPQuestions a.k.a. MrSpike: bought from and participated in her swap box
Diandyl: bought from
Baby Katie: bought from
Michelle Rose: traded with