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Highlights of my Herd
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Here you'll find some interesting ponies from my personal collection, including some rares and MIB or MOC ponies.


Above, you'll see what I think of picture thieves.  Many of these are original, so  please don't use any of the pictures on this site without permission.  Thank you!  Now, on with the show!


My TAF Babies ^_^.  Their hair isn't that frizzy.  It's actually sleek and smooth, so don't let pictures fool ya!


Here is TAF Baby Sugarberry - she's leaving tomorrow with SS Satin 'n Lace to join Satin Slipper's herd in exchange for some MOC Argie Wingers *sniffles*, but she was so cute that I had to put up a pic!  I got attached, even though I've had her for only a week.


I don't care what anyone says about TE Mimic!  I think that she's gorgeous ^_^.  Quite a bargain too - I found this one at a thrift shop.


Ooh!  A minty So-Soft!  How often does that happen?  Taffy is one of my favorites ^_^.


Lil Tot - always a cutie!


MIB Birthflower July Pony: Water Lily!


MIB Birthflower September Pony: Morning Glory!


MIB Birthflower November Pony: Chrysanthemum!  One of my favorites, because my birthday is in November ^_^.


This is an alternate version of Sundae Best Swirly Whirly.  As you can see, her hair is turquiose instead of golden.  I believe that she is from Germany, but feel free to correct me if you know otherwise.


I found this Mummy Charm, called Secret Keeper, recently while antiqueing.  I'm in love with them already...I think I've found a new obsession ^_^.